Does saidah want to be alia’s friend


1. Does saidah want to be Alia’s friend?
2. where is sht from?
3. where does saidah study?
4. Tell me about saidah’s family?
5. what are saidah’s hobbies ?
6. Does she have favorite singers ? (If yes, who
are they?)
7. does she(like reading books ? which authors
does she like)?
8. what profession would she like to have laten?
g. is she interested in visiting indonesian
How does she know indonesia?
10 Have you ever written a litter to get pen pal?when?



  1. Yes, she does
  2. She is from Johor Bahru Malaysia
  3. In a boarding school outside Johor Bahru
  4. Saidah has a sister who is a medical doctor and his brother is an elementary school student
  5. She likes songs, music, and watching movies
  6. Yes, she does. Her favorite singers are One Direction and Siti Nurhaliza.
  7. Yes, she does. She likes English writers like JK Rowling, and Indonesian writers like Andrea Hirata and Ahmad Fuadi.
  8. A writer of science fiction books.
  9. Yes, she is. She knows Indonesia probably from a book or the Internet.



Teks atau email dari Saidah merupakan teks tentang menceritakan jati diri atau talking about self.

Ungkapan yang biasa digunakan untuk memperkenalkan diri:

  • Let me introduce myself, my name is …
  • I would like to introduce myself. I am …
  • Allow me to introduce myself I am …
  • I want to introduce myself. My name is/I am …
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is …
  • Hello/Hi everybody. I am …
  • I like … (hobbies)
  • My favourite … (color, food, drink, subject, etc)
BACA JUGA  Agar tangan dapat menggantung di palang tunggal memerlukan gerakan

Ungkapan yang biasa digunakan untuk memperkenalkan orang lain:

  • I would like to introduce you to …
  • Let me introduce you to …
  • I would like you to meet…
  • I want to introduce you to…
  • Hi Ameera, This is Ammar, Ammar, this is Ameera.
  • I have two brothers, they are …
  • My father is a …
  • My mother works as …