Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bullying

Seperti apa pidato bahasa inggris tentang bullying itu?

Mari kita simak berikut ini beberapa contoh pidato bahas inggris mengenai bullying sebelumnya kita harus memahami apa itu bullying dalam bahasa indonesia agar dalam penyampaian pidato bahasa inggris nya kita juga mengerti

Bullying adalah tindakan di mana satu orang atau sekelompok orang mencoba untuk menyakiti atau mengontrol orang lain dengan cara kekerasan, ancaman maupun paksaan. atau perundungan. Bullying itu sendiri salah satu hal yang marak terjadi akhir-akhir ini. Maka dari itu, dengan isu yang sangat besar seperti ini, rasanya cocok untuk dijadikan sebagai topik atau tema pidato

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bullying

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ranalino. I am here today because I have been invited to give a little speech with the theme of bullying. I am very honored to be able to stand right after you and talk about this very important issue. I have high hopes that our generation in the future will be better than us in taking care of this kind of issue.

Bullying has become such a rooted aspect of teenagers life. Right from the start of elementary school, children has been exposed to the uncontrolled factor of social life with their peers. Some could be good, some could be bad, but children in a bullying free environment usually tends to help others. Meanwhile children in a heavily pressured environment with a lot of bullying cases would tends to act more violently and reactive towards other people.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that they are still children and that they need guidance. Perhaps, the reason why bullying is so rampant these days is because of the parents. Maybe the parents did not pay enough attention to their children. Maybe they let their children running wild without teaching them how to treat others, how to respect others.

But of course bad parents or good parents with bad parenting skill would not ever mention that or admit to it in real life. That is why, we have to fish for their understanding. We have to teach the parents first to be able to teach the children. This is not a single case situation, so we all know that perhaps it is not the child who is in trouble, but that bullying was the result of a certain cultural phenomenon caused by the system.

The only thing left that we could do is raise awareness everyday about how important it is to respect each other, to treat each other with love instead of hate. Children need to understand and need to see more love in this world so that they could copy it and share it with the world. That, I think, would be the ideal way to stop bullying and to spread love in this world.

Thank you so much for your time. I hope that the world would become a better place each day.

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Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

First of all, let’s Say thanks to our god , Allah Swt. that give us health and chance , so we can attend this meeting without any obstacle in this good place and time.

Secondly, Sholawat and Salam always be with our Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him, because his teaching, we are now live in the light of islam.

The Teacher that i respect and my friend that i love 
Let me tell you, My speech title is Bullying.

Bullying is an act of intimidating, forcing, suppressing or even harassing someone who is considered weaker. Bullying can happen to anyone, even in adults.

They usually throw the words that demean and make someone feel guilty for himself.

Usually, the victims of bullying will experience depression and not a few who committed suicide.If you are the victim of bullying, you can do this stepFirst , do not care about people that bullying you
Second , Think Positive about yourself
Third, Talk your bullying problem with your Parents, Bestfriend and teacher

The point is victims of bullying can not be silent and surrender yourself, it will aggravate the situation.

The Conclusion in My Speech is  Stop Bullying !

Maybe it’s time for my finish , I’m sorry if i say a bad words and Thank You For your attention

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Contoh ketiga Pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang Bullying

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen

First of all, let’s thank God, the Almighty who has been giving us His mercy and blessings till we can attend this meeting without any obstacle in this good place and time.
Secondly, May Sholawat and Salam always be with our Prophet Muhammad Please be Upon Him, who has guided us from the darkness to the lightness in the world as well as in the next world.
Thirdly, I will never forget to thank Mr. Fauzan who has given me the opportunity to deliver my speech in front of you all. My name is Iqbal from 12 SMAN 1 Padang Gelugur. Standing in front of you all, I would like to present my speech under the title of: “bullying”

This speech is about bullying. I am so sick of seeing people being bullied. My friends have been bullied. I’ve been bullied. Now, most of you here are probably like, who cares about bullying and this speech is stupid.

Everyone in here has probably been bullied at least once in their life.

It’s not the best feeling is it? It makes one feel insecure, humiliated and very uncomfortable. It has the power to destroy lives, mentally and physically.

There are many types of bullying, you may think calling some a nasty name is what bullying is all about but there is more to bullying.

1.Physical Bullying: is being hit, kicked, pinched or tripped.
2.Verbal Bullying is being called names, teased, put downs, and insults.
3.Psychological bullying is being threatened, stalked or manipulated.
4.Social bullying is being ignored, having rumours spread about you, or telling lies about you.
5.Sexual bullying is unwanted touching or bushing against someone, picking on someone because of their sexual preference.
6.Cyber bullying is, insulting someone in chat rooms, sending cruel or threatening emails, text messages, or spreading rumours using mobile phones.

You know something, you may call me a loser but your the loser. You can call me ugly but that doesn’t make you one dot pretty. You call me dumb but that doesn’t make you at all smarter. People don’t realize these things. Also, I’m sorry I love singing, I’m sorry I have close friends, I’m sorry I have asthma, I’m sorry I was born with a broken lung. But a humans a human. God made us who we are today. He made us kind.

I’m not trying to be mean but, every bully or bad talk those people are jerks. And I mean JERKS! That’s all I have to say about bullying. Bullying needs to be extinct. That’s all I have to say, thanks for your time.


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